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pecan pie jar - chilled state.JPG

This is our pecan pie jar in its chilled state! Once warmed up, the sauce will become smooth and will be easier to mix. It tastes great either way!

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flavored nut butter4.JPG

Our flavored nut butter will satisfy all your cookie dough cravings! With the texture of cookie dough, it is crunchy and smooth with sliced almonds at the bottom of each jar and cacao nibs on top!

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Healthy Spiced Pecan Whipped Cream.JPG

Try our delicious, healthy, vegan Pecan Pie Whipped Cream. Whip up this easy cream in less than 2 minutes and enjoy on berries, pancakes, or even in coffee.


This salted caramel cookie dough is so flavorful and tastes nothing like raw flour and eggs. This recipes makes a single serving and is perfect for those sudden sweet tooth cravings! Those times when you’re like “Wow, I wish I had a nice cookie or a cupcake or something.”

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